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Digital Therapeutics puts healthcare in your hands

The Future of
Healthcare is Here

The future of healthcare is here. Digital Therapeutics lowers the cost to market entry, reduces healthcare costs, and creates equitable access to care while providing effective, drug-free treatment and management for a spectrum of healthcare needs. These products are held to the same clinical standards and regulatory oversight as traditional medical treatments. This modern approach ensures consistent treatment, management, and monitoring for patients regardless of age, language, location, income, or condition.

Funding for digital therapeutics (including solutions for mental health) grew 134% from the prior year to reach $8.9 billion in 2021.͙


Digital Therapeutics in Action.

Many areas of healthcare are already adopting digital therapeutics as the primary method of care for their patients.

Chronic Medical Conditions

Diabetes management offers improved patient compliance and therapeutic success by enabling active patient engagement, lifestyle changes, comprehensive medical care, and periodic monitoring of glycemic status. In cardiac patients, 45% experienced a 3-month reduction rate of major adverse cardiovascular events & 50% reduction in the 30-day readmission rates.


A young girl sitting at a desk and wearing VR goggles interacting with a virtual screen.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Alternative treatments and proven therapies for children with ADHD where 68% of parents reported improvements in ADHD-related impairments after two months of treatment. Other disorders benefitting from digital therapeutics include insomnia, anxiety or panic attacks, and substance use disorders.


Pain Management

Advancements in musculoskeletal treatments offer patients at-home treatments using sensors and AI to correct the body position and alleviate pain. In one study, patients reduced 58% of the pain compared to 40% in a standard care setting.


A male doctor holding an tablet with a woman who is a patient smiling and pointing to information on the tablet.

Clinical Care

In combination with traditional drug therapies, advancements in oncology care using digital therapeutics offer improved patient outcomes.

Rapidly Growing Market


The estimated market size of digital therapeutics by 2023



The adoption and use of Digital Therapeutics may rapidly advance in the US thanks to a bipartisan, bicameral legislation called, The Access to Prescription Digital Therapeutics Act of 2023

If passed, this would expand Medicare coverage to include Prescription Digital Therapeutics, offering doctors and care providers insurance compliance codes and patient reimbursement.


Germany's DVG Pathway, one of the most ambitious, agile regulatory and reimbursement, fast-track pathways, allows innovators to bring their product to market within one year and obtain regulatory clearance. Giving patient reimbursement to nearly 70 million German citizens.

France, mirroring Germany's efforts, created its PEC-AN pathway that offers expedited approval if the digital therapeutic innovation shows specific clinical outcomes, as well as meets technological privacy and security specifications.


South Korea is one of the fastest growing markets in digital therapeutics. Its government released the very first digital therapeutic application for insomnia.

Japan's smoking cessation digital therapeutic was the first digital application approved through the country's Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA).

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