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Power Management: Wideband Gap

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Power Management

Sponsor: ON Semiconductor

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Join us in our product technology conversation with Steven Shackell of ON Semiconductor as we discuss the evolution in power management.

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Podcast Host

Raymond Yin

Director of Technical Content, Mouser Electronics

Podcast Guest

Steven Shackell

ON Semiconductor

Infineon Technologies CoolSiC™ Works in the Trenches

Sponsor: Infineon

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Image courtesy of Infineon.

BLOG: Infineon Technologies CoolSiC™ Works in the Trenches

Infineon Silicon Carbide CoolSiC™ MOSFETs and Diodes provide a portfolio that addresses the need for smarter, more efficient energy generation, transmission, and consumption. Infineon’s trench MOS technology is leading the way in power management.

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The Wide Bandgap Revolution

The Wide Bandgap Revolution

The bandgap is the region between the valence band and the conduction band in an atom.
The wider it is, the more energy it takes to push an electron into the conduction band.

diagram showing where the bandgap exists between the conduction band and valence band
Wide Bandgap Materials

Wide Bandgap Materials

The category of electronic materials in which the bandgap energy exceeds approximately 2 electronvolts (eV).

Conventional semiconductors are made of

Silicon symbol from the perodic table of elements

Most wide bandgap semiconductors (WBGSs) are made of

an illustration of a molecule with SiC lettering inside

Silicon carbide

3.3 eV

SiC is the most maturely developed of the wide bandgap (WBG) materials

an illustration of a molecule with GaN lettering inside

Gallium nitride

3.4 eV

GaN is used in lower voltage (<=650V) and high switching frequency applications

WBG semiconductors allow for higher


an animation of a chart with an arrow curved up to the right

Switching Frequencies

an animation of 2 frequencies moving right on a chart

Operating Temperatures

an animation of a thermometer increasing and decreasing in temperature

Breakdown Voltages

an animation of a chart with a curved line moving up and down
Wide Bandgap Applications

Wide Bandgap Applications

This means improvements in a wide range of applications


WBGSs are used in the traction inverter and for Level 3 charging of electric vehicles.

a electric car plugged into a charging station
windmills on a blue and pink textured background

Renewable Energy

With WBGSs energy conversion efficiency increases by around 85%.


WBGSs contribute to more efficient power in railway systems, manufacturing, power plants and more.

a factory with smokestacks in front of a colorful pink and blue background
rf towers on a blue and pink textured background

Communication Infrastructure

WBGSs can also be used in radio frequency (RF) signal processing, and switching is faster and more high-power.

Aerospace & Defense

SiC and GaN are inherently radiation hardened (rad-hard) and have high-temperature operating capabilities, making them suitable for aerospace applications.

airplane flying on a blue and pink textured background

Wolfspeed silicon carbide and GaN on SiC devices outperform conventional silicon components and set new standards for efficiency and reliability in industrial, energy, automotive, aerospace, defense, cellular infrastructure, and consumer markets.

fewer losses

a blue arrow pointing down with a pink exclamation point

smaller system footprint

a blue dashed box with 4 white arrows pointing to a smaller pink box centered in the middle of the blue box

lower system costs

a blue arrow pointing down with a white dollar sign

More Power Management

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