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5G Networks

One of the most promising features of 5G is non-public networks, or private 5G networks. The most recent 5G release provides new levels of support for private 5G networks that are independently owned, managed and secured. These non-public networks allow sensitive data collected from Industrial IoT deployments to remain on-site, while improving latency for applications within the facility.

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Private 5G Networks

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In this episode, listen as we chat with Gilad Garon, founder and CEO of ASOCS, to discuss Private 5G Networks, its advantages, use cases and benefits for future industries. Then explore more from our sponsor partner Molex.

Meet the Experts

Raymond Yin

Podcast Host and Director of Technical Content at Mouser Electronics

Gilad Garon

Founder and CEO of ASOCS

The Emergence of Private 5G Networks

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Analog Devices
A hand in the foreground holding a smart phone with a smart monitoring app displaying. Industrial motors are in the background.

Using the latest 5G technology and standards can enable private 5G networks that meet the needs of a wide variety of use cases with the same 5G technology platform, including massive MIMO, machine-to-machine, and machine-to-infrastructure communications.

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Then, Now and Next: Private 5G Networks

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Catch up on the tech landscape of Private 5G Networks – where we were, where we are, and where we are going.


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Private 5G Networks Making Way

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a woman in the foreground looking and interacting with her phone and in the background are virtual screens showing various world maps

5G wireless devices and services are more commonplace. It is not just phones that are 5G compatible, though. IoT devices will take advantage of 5G connectivity, and private 5G networks deployed by buildings and industrial machines will take data rates and capabilities to new levels.

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An Airport Pioneers Fast Data Connections

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By enlisting a little-used spectrum and new technology, a Dallas airport has pioneered ways for crowded venues to keep everyone online. As such approaches become commonplace, people will see blazing new connection speed.

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A city with large green RF towers and in the middle is a industrial complex that is highlighted to show the internal 5G network and how it contained.

5G Goes Private

5G has more than arrived – it has taken over. Public 5G networks have billions of subscribers around the world. But there’s much more to 5G than faster smartphones. Global industry is harnessing the power of 5G by building private networks that offer all of the speed, quality and reliability of public 5G but with the security and control of an isolated network.

Private 5G Networks offer:

A computer in the middle with wifi signals being broadcast to a drone, a RF tower, and industrial robots.


Delivers low latency and extremely reliable communication, enabling real-time motion control, sensor systems, and more.

An industrial building in the center with boxes, industrial robots, servers, solar panels and windmills, trucks and computers attached to it by lines.

Full Control

Built for the IoT and separate from public use, giving companies full control of their connectivity needs.

In the forefront of the image a truck, a computer, an industrial robot and servers are connected by lines, then there is a wall behind them and behind the wall is a group composed of a computer, a tablet, a smart tv, a car and a phone all connected to a cloud.

High Security

Isolation from other networks increases protection against malfunctions and security breaches while offering a high level of security.


A robotic arm

Real-time control of advanced robotics.

A wrench on top of a cog

Predictive maintenance measurement and algorithms.

A bar chart with a trend line above going up and to the right

Isolation of yield and performance data.

A factory with a production line with circuit boards on a conveyor belt. As the circuit boards go by, teh robotic arms work on them with wifi signals. In another part of the factory, four people are at a table looking at charts on projected on a wall.


VR goggles

Virtual reality applications.

A fingerprint with a lock icon on top

Protection of customer and inventory information.

A box with a location icon on it

Immediate inventory and product location updates.

A warehouse with a robotic scanning stacked shelves with boxes. In another area, a person is interacting with a wifi enabled smart screen. In a third area, a person is sitting at a desk with a curved screen.


Two computers networked together with a cloud above them.

Isolating control systems from the public network.

A suitcase

Enhanced location services for equipment and baggage.

An ID document with a lock sign on it

Securing passenger data.

Inside an airport terminal with an employee behind a check in desk talk with a customer with a wifi signal. In another area, a customer is checking in at a kiosk with a wifi signal. Outside a plan is boarding passengers with a wifi signal. There are four wifi hubs station around the room. Also outside is a robotic luggage cart dragging luggage with a wifi signal.
Recom part

5G promises huge improvements in communications performance, opening many new and exciting applications. RECOM supports the viability of 5G and offers system designers a wide range of converters that:

  • Minimize energy consumption
  • Offers minimal environmental impact
  • Ensure reliability, high efficiency, and power density
  • Are rated for the difficult base station environment

* https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/private-5g-network-market

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