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RF & Wireless

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RF & Wireless

Sponsor: Microchip Technology

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Join us in our product technology conversation with Jason Tollefson of Microchip Technology as we discuss the difference between LoRa and LoRaWAN, LoRa network components and the applications utilizing this technology.

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Podcast Host

Raymond Yin

Director of Technical Content, Mouser Electronics

Podcast Guest

Jason Tollefson

Microchip Technology

Harnessing LoRaWAN Technology for Good

Sponsor: Advantech

Blog: Harnessing LoRaWAN Technology for Good

BLOG: Harnessing LoRaWAN Technology for Good

LoRaWAN supports the U.N.'s efforts to make cities safe, resilient, and sustainable by transmitting data from wireless air-quality sensor networks to the Cloud. The data can be used to trigger measured and proactive interventions to reduce pollution and protect the health of the most vulnerable.

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LoRa Technologies

LoRa spread spectrum modulation and LPWAN network protocol have combined forces to provide core long range capability with a cellular-like network

Fast Facts

  • LoRa uses sub-gigahertz radio frequency bands
  • Long range (7-10 KM)
  • Robust links for high capacity
  • Lower system cost
  • Extended battery lifetime
  • Geolocation (GPS-free, low-power tracking)
  • Secure
circular chart showing different technology ranges, LoRa 7-10 Range, Bluetooth 10m Range, WIFI 30 range, NARROW BAND FSK 16+ KM Range, Zigbee 300M Range.

Data Flow

In the LoRa network data flows from the application server to and from the end devices

Server icon

Application Server

IP to Network server to IP to Gateway
wifi signals
Icon of truck with location marker on it

Asset tracking

Icon of location Marker icon


Icon of electricity meter icon

Smart Meter

Icon of three wheat plants icon


Icon of Buildings with wifi symbol above



Asset Tracking

Transmits location and additional data such as temperature, speed, and asset‑specific information

Smart Agriculture

Maximizes efficiency and reduces cost with little infrastructure or maintenance investment

Smart Meter

Offers an alternative to other connectivity for smart electricity metering solutions

diagram of end devices connect to gateway connect to the network then connects to the applications
Murata Logo


LoRaWAN Modem

Ultra-small, long life modem for battery operated devices

Modem features ease of integration for
LoRaWAN IoT devices and applications.


  • AT-Command over UART for ease of use
  • LoRaWAN certified
  • Higher RF output power using SX1262
  • LoRa Alliance FUOTA support
  • Low power consumption
  • FCC/IC/CE “Reference” certified
  • LoRaWAN class A, B & C support


  • Smallest/highly integrated LoRaWAN modem available in the market
  • Allows simple RF design with only Antenna attachment
  • Quick time to market LoRaWAN solution for Semtech SX1262 customers
  • Allows simple host MCU design as LoRaWAN stack is included in modem firmware
Cityscape with Smart agriculture, Energy Management, Smart bins, Smart Lighting, Smart Infrastructure, Traffic Control, Smart Factory, Smart Metering, Smart Parking, Icons above, all connecting to cloud computing icon.

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A square cube in the center of the image with signals coming from it

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