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Los costos de aranceles, aduana e impuestos se cobrarán en el momento de la entrega.

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Peso argentino
Solo se aceptan pagos con tarjetas de crédito, excepto American Express

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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Rust Programming Language for Microcontrollers Mike Parks
Rust is an increasingly popular language for embedded systems. It addresses limitations of C, like memory management and lack of package management, while offering features for safer concurrency and eliminating common bugs.

Profiling Innovation: The Power of Women in Engineering Sarah Harmet
Despite barriers like gender discrimination and pay gaps, women in engineering have made remarkable strides within the field. In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day 2024, we’ve highlighted the notable contributions and positive impact of four women engineers.

The Power of SMT Coupled Inductors to Enhance Automotive Efficiency TDK
Transitioning to 48V electric vehicle (EV) automotive systems requires power conversion while addressing efficiency, cost, and range. Higher efficiency is critical for hybrid DC/DC converters, and the ERUC23 SMT Flat Wire Coupled Inductors from TDK Corporation are designed to meet those needs.

New Tech Tuesdays: Precision Engineering and Testing with NXP's NAFEx88-EVB Boards Rudy Ramos
Discover the precision and flexibility of NXP's carefully engineered NAFEx88-EVB Evaluation Boards for industrial design experts. These specialist AFE evaluation boards can help engineers streamline the testing and design procedures for crucial measuring jobs.

Connecting Industry and Automation in a Completely New Way Phoenix Contact
Discover how SPE redefines the rules of connectivity, meets demanding transmission rates, and supports a wide range of applications previously restricted by limitations in data rate, range, and seamless communication.

RF, Microwave, Millimeter Wave, and Terahertz Trends in 2024 JJ DeLisle
Discover the International Microwave Symposium, where global RF professionals gather to showcase cutting-edge developments, and dive into the multifaceted realm of RF technology, surveying innovations ranging from the evolution of wireless power transfer to the integration of ML in radar design.

New Tech Tuesdays: Embracing the Edge: Computing Where It Counts Rudy Ramos
Embedded devices powered by system-on-chips (SoCs) provide a compact yet powerful computing solution. Learn how embedded devices and SoCs are revolutionizing data processing and real-time analytics.

The Road to eMobility Littelfuse
Electric vehicles are not just two- and four-door passenger vehicles. The concept of eMobility includes vehicles from small scooters to commercial trucks. As fast charging drives power levels higher, circuit protection must also advance.

The Evolution from Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0 Hector Barresi
Expanding the concept of Industry 4.0, Industry 5.0 creates opportunities for more sustainable and resilient manufacturing, bio-inspired technologies, safer working conditions, and enhanced global supply chain operations by leveraging technological innovations and human intelligence.

Headset Sales Have Been on a Downswing, So What’s Next? Poornima Apte
Despite initial enthusiasm, sales of AR, VR, and MR headsets fell significantly in 2023. However, this year holds potential for a resurgence, with tech giants like Meta, Apple, and Samsung focusing on integration, design, and expanded app suites to foster increased adoption.

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