4D Systems 4DCAPE Series Displays

4D Systems 4DCAPE Series Displays comprise 4.3- and 7.0- inch primary display modules. These utilize the drivers developed for the CircuitCo LCD4, but these provide a different form factor and pricing point to the LCD4. The BeagleBone Black connects directly to the back of these capes and includes everything required, such as power and display signals. The 4D Systems 4DCAPE each features seven push buttons below the screen, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, ENTER, RESET, POWER, and two LEDs to indicate Power and User Status.


  • 4.3" and 7.0" TFT LCD capes for the BeagleBone Black
  • Available in two models, resistive touch (4DCAPE-4xxT) and non-touch (43CAPE-43)
  • Seven push buttons, including LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, ENTER, RESET, and POWER
  • Two LED lights for Power and User
  • 2x2 jumper with shunts for EEPROM CAPE ID selection
  • 4.3" module dimensions: 120.4 x 80.0 x 24.8mm (stand-alone), approx 120.4 x 80.0 x 32.0mm with BBB connected
  • 7.0" module dimensions: 179.9 x 114.9 x 19.5mm (stand-alone), approx 179.9 x 114.9 x 9.5mm with BBB connected
  • Four 3.5mm mounting holes


Published: 2019-07-18 | Updated: 2023-03-20