Amphenol Advanced Sensors A-1737 Motor Coil Temperature Sensor

Amphenol Advanced Sensors A-1737 Motor Coil Temperature Sensor is a high-accuracy device used on a starter generator to provide temperature measurement of the motor coil. The sensor can be interlaced into the stator coil or tied to the neutral bus bar on the motor circuit. This A-1737 sensor provides temperature feedback to indicate motor load or stall conditions. If the motor has an excessive load or a stall condition, the current in the coil or bus bar increases. This increase in current will create a temperature rise in the system, which is measured by the sensor. The system can prevent damage to the motor system by understanding the temperature conditions.

Amphenol Advanced Sensors A-1737 Motor Coil Temperature Sensor can be configured for alternative resistance versus temperature (R/T) curves and accuracy requirements and is qualified for harsh automotive environments. Typical applications include traction motor protection, industrial motor or generator protection, and fully electric and hybrid electric vehicle (EV/HEV) motor protection.


  • High accuracy and long-term stability
  • Robust design utilizing AL03006 NTC thermistors, which are exclusively designed for harsh environments
  • Assembly materials rated to 210°C
  • Abrasion sleeve utilized to protect wires in application
  • Configurable for alternative R/T curves and accuracy requirements
  • Qualified for harsh automotive environments
  • Helps prevent damage to the motor system
  • Connector, terminal, and straight leads are optional


  • EV/HEV motor coils
  • Starter/generator motor protection
  • Industrial motor/generator protection
  • Traction motor protection


  • 1.53°C to 6.23°C temperature accuracy
  • -40°C to +210°C operating temperature range
  • 7s liquid-to-liquid response time
  • Axial leaded glass NTC thermistor housing material
Published: 2019-11-04 | Updated: 2023-03-28