Amphenol Advanced Sensors Telaire T9501 IP67 RH & T Sensor with Modbus

Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermometrics T9501 IP67 Humidity & Temperature Sensor with Modbus is an advanced, cost-effective humidity and temperature sensing solution for virtually any type of harsh-environment application. Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermometrics T9501 is based on a capacitive polymer sensor chip and ASIC integrated into an easy-mount OEM package. Each sensor is individually calibrated and tested. The T9501 sensor is waterproof (IP67), simple, and ready to use without further calibration or temperature compensation.


  • Fully calibrated and temperature compensated
  • Water-resistant (IP67)
  • Digital RS485 Modbus
  • Available in multiple cable lengths


  • Energy Saving HVAC Control
    • Air conditioning
    • Refrigeration
    • Indoor air quality
    • Vent fans
    • Home appliances
    • Humi/Dehumidifiers
    • Marine environments
  • Process Control & Instrumentation
    • Agriculture and indoor growing
    • Medical instruments
    • Handheld devices
    • Weather stations
    • Food processing


  • 14-bit resolution
  • Accuracy
    • ±2.0% or ±2.0% relative humidity
    • ±0.5°C
  • Operating conditions
    • -30°C to +70°C operating temperature range
    • 0% to 100% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • 8VDC to 32VDC (12VDC) with polarity protection power supply requirements
  • Current consumption
    • <10mA average typical (bus Rx mode)
    • 70mA peak typical (bus Tx mode/heat mode)
Published: 2021-02-26 | Updated: 2022-03-11