Amphenol Aerospace Octonet Contacts

Amphenol Aerospace Octonet Contacts feature eight strategically spaced inner contacts that form 100Ω matched impedance differential pairs. This superior Ethernet contact system is designed for MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors. The Octonet series is 10G Ethernet compliant and meets the performance specifications of CAT-6A cables. The contacts are available in a size 8 crimp termination style and can be installed in existing size 8 Quadrax cavities. Amphenol Aerospace Octonet Contacts are ideal for military and commercial air avionics as well as high-speed Ethernet applications.


  • Easy drop-in replacement to installed connectors, no need to redesign
  • Available in size 8 crimp termination style
  • Also available in PC Tails
  • Can be installed in existing size 8 Quadrax cavities
  • Meets performance specifications of CAT-6A cables
  • 10G Ethernet compliant
  • Overall higher bandwidth than standard CAT5E Quadrax, supports up to 4.0Gbps per pair
  • Enhanced crosstalk performance (compared to standard Quadrax)
  • Supports 26AWG to 24AWG wire
  • Self-removing contact feature, no extra contact extraction tool needed (24AWG only)
  • Requires modification of MIL-DTL-38999 connector to accommodate keyed contacts
  • Requires a backshell extender


  • Military and commercial air avionics
  • High-speed Ethernet


  • 500 hours salt spray corrosion resistance
  • 360° EMI shielding on each pair
  • 500 mating cycles
  • 500VRMS max. voltage rating at sea level
  • 500VRMS dielectric withstanding voltage at sea level
Published: 2016-10-24 | Updated: 2023-08-18