KYOCERA AVX Engineering Module (EM) MIL PRF 32535 BME MLCCs

KYOCERA AVX EM series has been created to meet the growing demand for space/mil engineers when a new design must be developed in a short time. KYOCERA AVX recommends using the EM series of part numbers to meet this demand for non-flight/prototype designs. These MLCCs are based upon Space BME (3009041, NASA S311, Mil 32535 ranges) X7R and NP0 surface-mount MLCCs, featuring the same internal design and materials but without the final testing/screening (ESCC/QPL) for shorter lead times. KYOCERA AVX MIL-PRF-32535 BME MLCCs include a high CV X7R dielectric option with 16V to 100V and 2.2nF to 22μF capacitance, as well as an NP0 dielectric option with 10V to 100V and 68pF to 1500pF capacitance.


  • Allows designers to select non-flight values from the ESCC 3009041/NASA S311-P838/Mil 32535 ranges for prototype work
  • Finished with Sn/Pb and Flexiterm® termination
  • Shortened lead times


  • Covers ESCC 3009041, NASA S311-P838, and Mil 32535 ranges
  • 0402 to 2220 case sizes
  • X7R and NP0
  • 4V to 100V voltage range
  • 68pF to 22μF capacitance values
  • ±5% or ±10% capacitance tolerance
Published: 2023-04-03 | Updated: 2023-05-05