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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Streamlining Industrial Automation with u-remote I/O Systems Weidmuller

(Source: Weidmüller)

In modern manufacturing, where efficiency and productivity are critical, it is essential to adopt flexible and efficient solutions that can streamline operations. These solutions enable manufacturers to optimize their production lines and stay competitive in a rapidly changing market. In this blog, we highlight one of these solutions.

u-remote from Weidmüller has established itself as a leading decentralized I/O system thanks to its compact and modular design. Hot-swapping capabilities and intuitive features reduce engineering, installation, and commissioning time, accelerating product launches. u-remote’s web interface makes setup and diagnostics easy, while support for all common fieldbus protocols makes it suitable for almost any application.


The u-remote UR20 I/O Modules with IP20 from Weidmüller provide exceptional flexibility, supporting multiple I/O cards and fieldbus couplers. With support for 11 different communication protocols, u-remote can seamlessly integrate with the most common fieldbus systems enabling translation between different PLC projects (Figure 1). For instance, a Mitsubishi PLC project using CClink can be translated to an Allen Bradley PLC project simply by changing the bus coupler.

Figure 1: The Weidmüller u-remote is a versatile solution that supports 11 communication protocols, allowing seamless integration with various fieldbus systems. With its ability to translate between different PLC projects, the u-remote ensures efficient communication and compatibility across different industrial automation setups. (Source: Mouser)

By using the same I/O cards and changing the fieldbus coupler, wiring and panel layouts can remain the same while setup is made simple using the quick start guides and configuration files available for each protocol. With this flexibility, designers will spend less time drawing, wiring, and programming and more time getting your project up and running.

u-remote Power-Feed Modules

The u-remote's integrated power-feed modules eliminate the need for extra modules by supplying power to both input/output and output power buses (Figure 2). Isolation of current paths is achieved through two galvanically isolated power-feeds on the fieldbus coupler. The flexibility of u-remote I/O modules allows for changes to configuration without disassembly or added cost.

Figure 2: U-Remote's integrated power-feed modules eliminate the need for extra modules by supplying power to both input/output and output power buses. (Source: Weidmüller)

I/O Cards

Weidmüller's wide range of I/O cards offers a host of distinct features that make them stand out in the market.

  • Each card has a standard number of I/O options (4, 8, or 16) and can be configured as either sinking or sourcing.
  • Compact form factor makes for efficient use of space in control panels.
  • Hot-swap capabilities and tool-free assembly make installation and maintenance quick and easy.
  • Status LEDs on each module as well as each I/O point enable reliable diagnosis and rapid service.
  • SAI-PRO slices allow you to connect the IP20 u-remote in a panel to IP67 blocks outside the panel simplifying network mapping and connectivity.
  • Wide range of offerings, including standard analog and discrete I/O, power measurement, strain gauge cards, and more are available.

Enable IIoT with U-Control

Interested in controls or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications? Simply use a U-Control module with existing I/O cards and open the door to Industry 4.0. Enjoy endless possibilities with web-based programming, configurable Modbus-TCP and OPC-UA servers, Node-RED, and MQTT for data transfer. With U-Control, processing and sending data to the cloud has never been easier.

Experience u-remote

Weidmüller’s u-remote offers exceptional flexibility with a wide range of I/O cards, fieldbus couplers, and an ability to seamlessly integrate with various fieldbus systems. The hot-swappable I/O cards with status LEDs provide efficient use of space in control panels and reliable diagnosis. The integrated power-feed modules simplify the configuration process and reduce costs. With all these features, u-remote will streamline your operations and optimize your production lines.

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As experienced experts in the field of industrial connectivity, Weidmuller supports customers and partners around the world with products, solutions, and services in the industrial environment of power, signal and data. Weidmuller offers concrete solutions that allow companies to prepare themselves for the “Industrial Internet of Things” and for safe production control from the Cloud.

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